What Do We Do?

We are a 6 bedroom shelter in the Hills District of Sydney, which provides short-term crisis accommodation to women and children who are homeless or leaving domestic violence.

Women and their children are provided with around the clock safe and non-threatening, care and support and assistance to start a new life.

We safely pursue innovation in our services for the benefit of our clients and the broader community – for example Walk The Talk and influencing policy for transitional housing.

Our Vision

All women and children live in a society free of domestic and family violence.

The Sanctuary opened its doors in March 2016. Women’s Community Shelters supported and underwrote the establishment of The Sanctuary, and remains our major funding and operational support partner for the Shelter. The home has been beautifully renovated and generously provided rent-free by QIC/Castle Towers.

We are proud to be able offer support in our shelter to women with a disability, or those who care for a child with a disability.

Our Mission

To work with the community to provide shelter, support and advocacy for women and children who are impacted by domestic and family violence.

Our Values

Kind & Respectful

We are always kind and respectful in how we treat clients and our colleagues

Financially Responsible

We understand our services are unable to be fulfilled if we aren't responsible financially


We are transparent and open in our communication and operations


We do what we say we will


We assess risk and build protective factors so that we are better able to face and respond to adversity

Our Guiding Principles

Safety First

For our staff and service users

Client Centric

Our services are client-centred and support women and children to lead safe and empowered lives

Community Driven

We work in partnership with the community

Compliant & Informed

Maintain compliance with governance obligations and funding requirements

Think Differently

We are willing to try new approaches to deliver better outcomes for those we serve